Welcome! Here are some resources to help you have a "SmartStart" with our school. If you need any help at all, please reach out!


If you’re new to a school, it’s not uncommon for someone from the school to walk you to class. That’s what this is! I’ll show you exactly how to get into your school portal and start learning!

  1. Go to Gmail.com.
    1. Enter your school-provided email and password.
    2. This was emailed to you from Principal Nelson titled “Welcome! Here are your login credentials…”
      Login Credentials
    3. If you’re already a Gmail user, you might be logged in to your personal account.
    4. To add an account, click on the circular profile image at the top right and select Add another account.
    Add Another Account
  2. Open a new tab and go to your school’s login page. You can also log in here: portal.mySchool.org
  3. Click the Sign in with Google button and select your school account.
    Sign in with Google
  4. If you’re in Arizona, at the beginning of every week the first thing you will see is an Attendance Page. You don’t need to change the values, and you won’t be able to advance into the Dashboard before you click SAVE.
    AZ Attendance
  5. On the Dashboard, you will see the classes that the student is currently enrolled in, an overview of progress, and information about the student’s pacing.
  6. It is important to note that the grade that you see at the top right of the course is an average grade for the completed assignments, and not necessarily the grade in the class.
    Average of COMPLETED Assignments
  7. To get a more complete picture of a student’s grade, in the menu on the left, check out the Gradebook.
  8. You can also check the Student Activity to see how many minutes your student is spending in each class.
    Student Activity
  9. To learn a little more about i-Ready, return to the Dashboard.
    1. Three times a year we ask our students to take i-Ready Reading and i-Ready Math exams. Note: Even if i-Ready is completed, i-Ready box will still display “0 of 0” as the progress.
    2. It is important to complete these assessments because they allow us to meet the individual needs of our students.
    3. To log in to i-Ready, click on Launch from the i-Ready box.
      Click on i-Ready
    4. Take your time and do your best with i-Ready. Some of the questions might seem hard, and some will seem easy, and that’s okay. You’re not graded on i-Ready – it is used to create an effective learning plan for each student.
  10. Let’s go back to the Dashboard and explore Orientation. Students in grades K-5 will not see an orientation course – it’s built in to the courses themselves.
  11. In each course, you’ll find contact information for your teachers in the Teacher Information & Links folder.
    Teacher Resources and Links
  12. The lesson called Live Lessons will show you when your live classes on Zoom are and where to find recordings of previous live sessions in case you can’t make it to one.
    Live Lessons
  13. The To-Do List will show you what assignments you have coming up and when they are due.
    To-Do List
  14. To access your Calendar, click on the three horizontal lines on the top left of your screen.
    Three Horizontal Lines
  15. If you haven’t completed the prior assignments or lessons, then you might see this: You must successfully complete the following activities before viewing this item.
    You must successfully complete the following activities before viewing this item.
  16. Hitting the back arrow at the top left will take you back to where you previously were.
  17. Using the three horizontal lines, click on Student App to take you back to your Course Cards.
  18. A student should expect to spend about an hour per class per day.
  19. If you would like an advisor to “walk you to class,” you can reach us at the links below! We want this to be your best year yet!

Need Help? Just reach out! We're happy to help!