Welcome! Here are some resources to help you have a "SmartStart" with our school. If you need any help at all, please reach out!


These tips for navigating courses should help you gain a strong understanding of our school system. Watch the video or follow along with the step-by-step instructions below (or both)!

  1. Go to your school portal.
  2. From your Dashboard, click “Launch” on one of your courses.
  3. In the course, you’ll find a Teacher Information and Links folder.
    1. In the Teacher Information and Links folder, you’ll find Contact Information so that you can reach your teacher.
Teacher Information and Links
    1. You’ll also find information about Live Lessons. This is where you’ll find when your live classes are scheduled and the recordings if you miss the live class.
Live Lessons
  1. Course TO-DO LIST: Near the top of each course, you’ll find a To-Do List. This shows you what upcoming assignments you have due in that class and will help you stay on pace.
    1. Look out for the retry arrow – it’s an opportunity to raise your grade!
Retry Arrow
  1. Global TO-DO LIST: At the top of the Student App page, you’ll find another To-Do List. This shows you what needs to be done in all of your classes.
  1. The Calendar view: Click on the three horizontal lines (hamburger) at the top left.
The hamburger menu
    1. Click Calendar.
Click Calendar
    1. This shows you a day-to-day view of what needs to be completed to stay on pace.
The Calendar view
  1. When you finish a lesson, make sure to select Mark This Activity Complete at the bottom left. This will allow you to advance through the curriculum.
Mark This Activity Complete
  1. Reach out to help@myschool.org if you need any help. We’re here for you!

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