Welcome! Here are some resources to help you have a "SmartStart" with our school. If you need any help at all, please reach out!

Get Started with Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z is an award-winning resource for students in grades K-3 to develop their reading skills in a fun way!

  1. Log in to your school-assigned Gmail account.
  2. Click on the grid of dots at the top right, scroll down, and select the “Kids A-Z” icon.
  3. If prompted, select your school-assigned email from the list.
  4. The first time you log in, you’ll need to use the Reading Level Placement Tool.
  5. Once that’s complete, every time you log in just select Reading > Reading Room to explore fun eBooks to read or listen to!
  6. If you need any help, just reach out! We’re happy to help!

Need Help? Just reach out! We're happy to help!