We want you to learn. We want you to explore. We want you to excel. We’ll challenge you to be your best. To do well, you need to do your own work. That’s a key part of your learning.

We expect you to act with academic integrity. When you plagiarize or cheat you are stealing someone else’s words or ideas and you are not learning the material yourself.

Plagiarism and cheating are not allowed at our school and will be met with appropriate action. The consequences are severe for violating this Academic Integrity Policy and may include failing an assignment, failing a class, suspension, or expulsion from school.


How do you demonstrate academic integrity?



Use your school materials to study and learn your content

Cheat or copy information or ideas directly from internet resources and submit them as your own work

Write and submit your own original work

Use another person’s words without proper citation

Ask your teacher for help when you don’t understand a topic or an assignment

Work with someone else to write answers to an assignment you are supposed to complete yourself

Ask your teacher if you need help citing your sources to give credit for the words and ideas you are using

Use Wikipedia, Brainly, CourseHero, or similar websites / utilize a translator tool to complete work in another language

The consequences for violations are as follows:


  • Teacher notifies student and parent of issue
  • Teacher explains academic integrity
  • Teacher explains student has a zero but can redo for full credit
  • Teacher notifies parent and student of a pattern of behavior
  • Teacher explains that continued dishonesty will have severe consequences
  • Student receives a zero and cannot redo for credit
Additional Violations
  • Teacher notifies parent, student, and Principal
  • Administrator has meeting with parent and student
  • At minimum, student receives a zero on the assignment or exam
  • Additional consequences may be imposed by the administrator including failure of the course, suspension, or expulsion